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About Industrial Training Centre

The Industrial Training Centre was established in 2004 as a result of the growing need for skilled technical workers in South Africa.
The centre was awarded accreditation by the MERSETA as a decentralized assessment centre and as an accredited training provider.
Situated in New Germany, Pinetown, the centre is easily accessed from the N3 freeway and by public transport.

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Training Staff

Kevin Garden

Title :
Training Manager / Assessor

Qualifications :
Trade tested fitter (with distinction) 1991 MERSETA
registered assessor

Experience :
6 Years post apprenticeship experience as fitter 13 years
experience as Technical Training Officer

Vicky Govender

Title :
Technical Training Manager Assessor & Moderator

Qualifications :
Trade tested fitter, MERSETA registered assessor & moderator

Experience :
12 Years experience as fitter and 5 year experience as
Technical Training Officer.

Rayan Govender

Title :
Technical Training Officer – Fitting

Qualifications :
Trade tested fitter and MERSETA registered assessor

Experience :
6 Years experience as fitter and 4 years experience as
Technical Training Officer

Donovan Govender

Title :
Assistant Training Officer, Safety Officer & First Aider

Qualifications :
Has completed Trade Test – Waiting for Certification

Experience :
5 years experience as Assistant Technical Training Officer

Mission Statement

To supply training by making accessible tools, equipment and an environment conductive to learning, with course content that is relevant to the field of expertise.

Vision Statement

The Industrial Training Centre is a competitive organization, which is driven to excel. It is the intention of this organization to be a respected enterprise within the field of adult training. We will capitalize on our ability to develop, enhance and apply technology to make a contribution for the supply of skilled labour for the future.

The industrial Training Centre will create an environment where dedicated individuals, who are characterized by their diversity of skills, can be developed empowered and made into willing contributors of the economy. As a training community of faculty, staff, and learners, we will strive to empower individuals to become caring, competent, responsible citizens who will see the obtaining of skills as a lifelong process.

The Industrial Training Centre will seek to create and sustain mutually supportive, stimulating environment to promote the individual and professional growth of all learners. We believe that students deserve to be treated with respect and dignity, and have obligation to treat others with respect and dignity. We will seek ways to contribute to the economy of the state, the well-being of our communities, and the quality of life and development of our learners. The Industrial Training Centre will conduct its business activities with integrity and in compliance with all the accepted norms and procedures of the training industry.

Finally, we will mould the shared values of our diversity into a formidable training centre, founded on customer focus, winning with people, excellence in all we do, continuous improvement and integrity.